The Value Of Access To Affordable Veterinary Care

When pet owners bring a new animal into their lives, thoughts about the cost of caring for the new cat or dog usually focus on food, shots and the bounty of all-too-irresistible toys. Emergency veterinary care, or veterinary care for unexpected illnesses, diseases or injuries, is generally way down on the list of concerns — if it is present at all.


It’s not something most people think about. And, it’s not something most people prepare for, financially. Yet, those costs are increasingly impacting the lives of pet owners.


In fact, a recent report published in USA Today revealed that more than 90% of dog owners have experienced financial stress related to the cost of pet care during the previous year. To afford the rising cost of veterinary care, a majority of people dealing with those expenses have either cut back their spending, taken a second job or asked friends and family for money.


It is this financial pinch, and lifestyle strain, that inspired Dr. Kelly’s Vet to open in the first place. Since opening our doors in 2016, we have improved the lives of more than 150,000 pets, while making affordable pet care accessible to their owners.


Too often, pet owners are faced with gut-wrenching decisions due to the financial impact of a dog or cat’s illness or injury. They have to either find a way to afford the exorbitant costs that a traditional veterinary office demands or consider the heartbreaking choice of surrendering or euthanizing their dog or cat. 


As a veterinary practice that specializes in surgical care, which is where the costs of pet ownership skyrocket, we at Dr. Kelly’s Vet are able to keep costs down for pet owners because of the way our practice is designed. Skyelee, cat mom to Nala, has seen the difference firsthand.


When Nala needed surgery to remove her eyes, Skyelee was facing a veterinary estimate of $7,000 for the procedure. She didn’t have that kind of cash available and upon searching for options she discovered our practice.


By bringing Nala to Dr. Kelly’s Vet, Skyelee was able to get the procedure her cat needed at one-fifth the cost. 


“She’s all cuddly again and doesn’t hide under the bed,” Skyelee said of Nala’s recovery. “She’s doing great.”


From pet dental care to mass removal surgeries to spay and neuter for dogs and cats, our veterinarians at Dr. Kelly’s Vet specialize in surgical procedures. And our business model allows dog and cat owners to afford the care their pets need, at a time when veterinary costs — and the financial impact they make on a pet owner’s budget — are on the rise. 


If your cat or dog is in need of a surgical procedure, review the surgeries we offer and connect with one of our team members to better understand the affordable options we have available. Book an appointment today!

Dr. Kelly’s Surgical Unit is a trusted veterinary team serving the Phoenix, Peoria, East Mesa and Tucson metro areas, with accessible locations in each market, offering highly specialized surgery, quality spay and neuter procedures, and accessible dental care for pets. Contact us to learn more about our specialized services or to schedule an appointment.  

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