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Frequently Asked Questions

Your pet deserves compassionate, quality care. And you shouldn’t have to break the bank to access it. Dr. Kelly’s Surgical Unit offers low-cost, premium healthcare for pets of all ages. Questions? Check our most frequently asked questions below.

In regards to post op questions: You should have received a post surgery discharge instructions sheet.  Please refer to the sheet to see if the anwers to your questions are there, if not please contact us with any questions or concerns.

First, give us a call, text, email, or use our online booking tool to Dr. Kelly’s Surgical Unit to discuss your needs and procedure availability. From there, book an appointment by call, text, or email. Please note, we do not take appointments via Facebook or social media.

Our surgical units, outfitted with hospital-grade surgical equipment, meet you and your pet at a designated location booked by our office staff. Your pet is taken on board, anesthetized, and monitored as our experienced doctors perform the procedure or surgery. Once your pet is given the all-clear, you can take them home. It’s that easy! Call, text, or email for a free estimate, no exam fees!

Dr. Kelly’s Surgical Unit offers a range of surgical and preventative care procedures, including spay/neuter, dental procedures, mass removals, vaccinations, microchipping, cherry eye removals, and more. Unfortunately, we do not offer diagnostic care. To view the full service and price list, please check out our Prices page.

We offer many convenient locations in Arizona within the metropolitan Tucson and Phoenix areas. Click here to find a location closest to you.

Yes! Dr. Kelly’s Surgical Unit loves to work with local rescues and shelter organizations. If you happen to be one, give us a call, text, or email about special pricing.

We accept CareCredit for payments. Please visit ( https://www.carecredit.com/vetmed/ ) for more information.

No we do not perform tail docking for breeding purposes however we do perform tail amputations if medically necessary.

Pick up time is dependent on what time your pet is dropped off and what procedures are scheduled ahead of your pet. The technicians will give you a better time range when you drop off your pet. Due to limited kennel space on our mobile units, we ask that you are readily available to pick up your pet within 30 minutes after the nurses call you.

Check your post surgery discharge instructions as the doctor should have notated when your pet can receive their meds. But usually it is the following day as your pet is give an injection of pain medication during the surgical visit.

A doctor can recommend bloodwork for a number of reasons: if the pet is presenting with ill symptoms, due to previous medical history, or due to current diagnosis.  The doctor will let you know what reason they are recommending bloodwork for your specific pet.  A general bloodwork panel can help show if there are any current deficiencies that might cause problems with anesthesia.

An elizabethan collar, also called an e-collar, is a protective medical device worn by an animal that is shaped like a cone. Its purpose is to prevent the animal from biting or licking at its body or scratching at its head or neck while wounds or injuries heal. There are other collars such as donuts and soft collars that may work as well. Ask your technician during your appointment.

Inflatable e-collars do not always work for every pet or situation.  Factors that make a difference are your pet’s anatomy and where the incision site is.

Yes, we only use secure payment processing portals like PayPal for online payments and donations.

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