Dr. Kelly’s Surgical Unit

About Us

Dr. Kelly’s Surgical Unit serves the Phoenix and Tucson areas and specializes in quality, compassionate surgical and preventative care for your furry friends.Traditional vet clinics can be expensive and difficult to book, and, for many pet owners with limited schedules, affordable and accessible appointments are crucial. At Dr. Kelly’s, we strive to offer low-cost appointments that are a breeze to book because every beloved pet AND owner deserves it.

We’ve had experience running and working in traditional vet hospitals and pet clinics. The Dr. Kelly’s team knows the benefits and the pitfalls of these models. That’s why we’ve used our past experiences to develop better, more convenient, cost-conscious  care options – so you don’t have to worry about expensive vet bills and can feel confident your pet will receive top-notch operative care.

Our Surgical units are fitted with the highest quality hospital grade surgical equipment, and our doctors have years of experience under their belt and have performed thousands of procedures, on pets just like yours! From spay/neuter to dentals to even mass removals – our team prides itself in the ability to perform hospital-quality surgical procedures, all from our sophisticated facilities. We’re expanding locations and scheduling every day to better serve our customers across the Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas, because you shouldn’t have to go out of your way to give your fur baby the TLC it needs.

Pets are family members. And just like family, your pets deserve access to regular, quality healthcare – the same quality of care they would receive at a clinic or pet hospital, but at a cost that makes sense for you. At all Dr. Kelly’s locations, you can expect an easy-book appointment, care that exceeds a traditional clinic, and a staff of talented animal lovers who will spoil your pet. Exactly the way it should be…

Dr. Kelly’s Surgical Unit | About Us