Responding to Signs Of Illness In A Dog or Cat

Dogs and cats can’t talk, although sometimes owners wish they would. But, they can communicate with their owners in ways that give clues to their moods and health. And as owners, that’s helpful — especially when something isn’t quite right.


But, what exactly are the signs that an animal may be in poor health? There are quite a few to remember as general rules, although certain conditions may present very specific symptoms.


Signs of illness in a dog or cat include: 


  • A noticeable decrease in appetite coupled with weight loss.
  • Increased or excessive thirst or urination.
  • Trouble walking or climbing stairs.
  • Behavioral changes, such as aggression. 
  • A foul smell coming from the skin or ears.
  • Bad breath. 
  • Vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Sluggish, lethargic movements.
  • Whining or crying that isn’t normal vocalization.


If a dog or cat exhibits symptoms that indicate they may be sick or suffering from some type of ailment, it’s important to take a few notes that include when the symptoms began, how severe they are and if they’re getting worse. Then, it’s best to contact a veterinarian you trust to discuss the symptoms and determine if your dog or cat can be seen at their facility or if the animal needs to be seen at an emergency veterinary hospital. 


At Dr. Kelly’s Surgical Unit, we generally don’t come into the picture for a sick dog or cat until after an exam has been performed to determine what is causing the animal’s illness.


While we do offer preventative care, our specialty is providing pet owners with an affordable surgical option. In fact, we perform 15 to 20 surgeries each day. 


When conditions like bladder stones, hernias and pyometra present in an animal, we not only offer a highly-skilled surgical option for animal owners but we also offer it in a convenient way that is more affordable than a traditional veterinary office. And we do that because we believe pet ownership, be it a dog, a cat or a rabbit, should not be a financial burden. 


If surgery is needed to treat an illness, we make the process a smooth and easy one. Appointments can be made online, and when you check in with your pet, you can easily request additional services such as a nail trim, a vaccine or a microchip among other additions. 


We then ask pet owners to stay near our mobile clinic during the procedure, just in case we need to make contact, and when the animal has completed its recovery period with us, he or she can head home. During the check-out process, we handle payment and discuss recovery pointers and answer any questions pet owners have. 


At Dr. Kelly’s Surgical Unit, we like to think of ourselves as part of your animal care team, because no one can do it all alone. 


Dr. Kelly’s Surgical Unit is a trusted veterinary team serving the Phoenix, Peoria and Tucson metro areas, with accessible locations in each market, offering highly specialized surgery, quality spay and neuter procedures, and accessible  dental care for pets. Contact us to learn more about our specialized services or to schedule an appointment.   

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