How To Keep Pet Dental Care Affordable

By nature, most people like to procrastinate on tasks that either require extraordinary effort or come with a steep cost. No one wants to give up their precious time or their hard-earned cash that easily.


But, one of the tasks that dog and cat owners should never put off is professional dental cleanings for their pet. Conducted by a trained veterinarian, pet dental care doesn’t have to cost a fortune — especially if a pet owner is responsible about keeping up with routine pet teeth cleaning at home and at an affordable vet clinic.


In fact, the best way for dog and cat owners to find affordable pet care — specifically affordable pet dental care — is to avoid procrastinating in the first place.


It is often the procrastination and complications that develop from putting off dog and cat dental care that ends up costing the most. At Dr. Kelly’s Surgical Unit, we provide affordable dental care for dogs and cats because we believe pet ownership shouldn’t be cost-prohibitive, but also because we understand the benefits cats and dogs experience when their dental health is in the best shape it can be. 


To better understand when dental treatment is needed for a dog or cat, outside the regular veterinary cleanings that are recommended for dogs and cats, here are a few common misconceptions about pet dental health.


Bad Breath Is A Sign


Don’t ignore a dog or cat’s stinky breath as it is a common first sign of periodontal disease, which most dogs or cats develop by the age of 3. Infections and periodontal disease are often accompanied by foul odors in a dog or cat’s mouth, so bad breath could be a symptom that something is brewing and needs to be checked out.


Anesthesia Is Part Of The Process


When veterinarians handle dog and cat dental cleanings, anesthesia is almost always part of the equation. It not only makes the procedure safe for the veterinarian, but it keeps the dog or cat comfortable — even during cleanings. Veterinarians handling dental procedures for cats and dogs that either are not well enough for anesthesia or are at an advanced age may need to consider the risks. However, most dental procedures and the anesthesia used during them are safe when handled by a trained veterinarian. 


Bones As Treats Could Be Part Of The Problem

Although bones have been viewed as treats for dogs for some time, they can actually be part of the canine dental health problem. Dogs have been known to break their teeth while chewing bones or other animal-based chews, and the dental care needed to remedy a broken tooth can be costly. To keep dog dental care affordable, steer clear of bones and opt for a more palatable chew option instead.


Keep Up With Dental Care At Home


Just as people brush every day to support the work done during their cleanings at dental offices, so too should dogs and cats. By setting and sticking to a healthy dental hygiene regimen for dogs and cats at home, owners can help their pets avoid costly procedures in the future that stem from decay and disease

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