Get Your Dog’s Dental Health On Track

When it comes to dog ownership, it is safe to say that preventative dental hygiene practices falls to the bottom of the priority list for most people. It’s even fair to say that it never makes the list at all for a good number of dog owners. 

In fact, a survey conducted a few years ago by BarkBox revealed that almost three-quarters of dog owners have never brushed their dogs’ teeth. That same survey found that most dog owners thought they were doing what they needed to do to tend to their dogs’ oral health. 

There are several reasons why that statistic, and that contradictory perception, are alarming.

For starters, the vast majority of dogs will — by the age of three — develop a dental disease, which can lead to tenderness, bleeding, infections and broader health problems, if it goes untreated or progresses too far unchecked. In addition, it is recommended that dog owners brush their dogs’ teeth twice daily. 

The survey found that less than a third of dog owners are brushing their dogs’ teeth at all, let alone twice a day. The ones that do brush, about 46%, estimate that they do it once or twice a week. 

All of that research reveals that oral health, at home, isn’t getting the attention it requires, which is why dental work with a professional is worth the investment. When dog owners work with veterinary professionals, like the team at Dr. Kelly’s, they get the support and expertise they need to adequately tend to their dogs’ dental needs. 

It’s easy to get on track, even for dog owners who have never addressed their dogs’ dental needs. The team at Dr. Kelly’s, who offer professional cleanings and handle extractions, are ready and willing to help dog owners help their dogs maintain healthy dental hygiene. 

Establish a routine. Once you get your dog in for a dental cleaning with our team at Dr. Kelly’s, we’ll help you stay on top of regular cleanings with annual reminders. That takes one thing off your list to have to remember, and helps keep your pet’s dental heath on track.

Avoid costly procedures. Committing to routine dental cleanings for your dog, allowing professionals to remove plaque buildup and keep gums in their healthiest condition, helps avoid the potential for costly procedures. With proper care and regular maintenance, a dog and his or her owner can steer clear of unwanted extractions or emergency treatment for infections. Just as most doctors and dentists encourage for their human patients, preventative care pays off for dogs, too. 

Promote overall health. Proper dental hygiene and regular, professional cleanings keep a dog’s mouth free of harmful plaque buildup, which can lead to dental diseases that could affect a canine’s overall health. Regular dental care from professionals helps to promote a dog’s overall health for the long haul. 

To learn more, or to talk about your pet’s specific dental challenges, reach out to our team!

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