Cyst Removal In Dogs: A Common Bump In The Road

Lumps and bumps can set off alarm bells. As humans, we’re prepared for the fact that a lump found on a dog may indicate a cancerous growth, which is a very real possibility. It’s also possible, though, that the lump is a benign cyst, which in dogs is pretty common. 


To clear up any confusion over the source of the lump or the prognosis it offers a dog, it’s always best to schedule an appointment with a qualified veterinarian to have it examined. Once you know what you’re dealing with, it’s easier to manage the steps that may need to be taken next. 


Dogs can experience a variety of cysts, although a sebaceous cyst that forms under the surface of the skin is likely the most common type.

The cysts, not unlike a large pimple, form when oil glands become clogged. While the cyst may not be painful, it does have the potential to burst, which could present problems related to infection.


Other cysts include true and false cysts, follicular cysts and dermoid cysts. A veterinarian can determine the type of cyst and the best course of treatment for it during an examination. 


At Dr. Kelly’s Surgical Unit, lumps and bumps happen to be our specialty.

As a surgical unit, we see dogs with cysts all the time. And as a unit that specializes in affordable pet surgery, we perform 15-20 surgeries each day, compared to a typical veterinary office that may perform as few as one or two a day.


If, after examining a dog, a veterinarian determines that the cyst should be removed, it most often can be with a surgical procedure.  


Removing growths, whether they be cysts or tumors, is a surgery we perform quite often at Dr. Kelly’s Surgical Unit. Our experience in the field, coupled with the frequency with which we perform these types of surgeries, allows us to quickly identify and efficiently remove growths that may be painful or harmful to a dog. 


At Dr. Kelly’s Surgical Unit, we do our best to keep costs low and care affordable, which is why we generally charge between $450 and $1,000 for mass or cyst removal surgeries, depending on the type and size of the cyst or mass that needs to be removed.  


The first step to understanding treatment, though, is scheduling a visit with a trusted veterinarian.

We recommend scheduling a visit with your pet’s regular care vet to diagnose the cyst or mass. Once it is diagnosed, we just need the exam records and one of our doctors would be happy to review them prior to scheduling a surgery with us.


Dr. Kelly’s Surgical Unit is a trusted veterinary team serving the Phoenix, Peoria and Tucson metro areas, with accessible locations in each market, offering highly specialized surgery, quality spay and neuter procedures, and accessible dental care for pets. Contact us to learn more about our specialized services and appointments. 

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