A Day in the Life of a Surgical Vet

Specializing In Pet Surgery: The Surgical Veterinary Specialists at Dr. Kelly’s 

At Dr. Kelly’s, we specialize in veterinary surgical care, and we do that — in part — to help keep the cost of pet ownership affordable. However, not everyone is familiar with what a surgical vet is, what one does, and when one might be needed.

Most people are more familiar with a traditional veterinary office setting, where dogs, cats, and other pets go to receive regular check-ups, shots, and evaluations for new challenges they may be facing. Our team at Dr. Kelly’s focuses specifically on the surgical needs of pets, which is a little different.

As surgical vets, our veterinarians have received several years of specialized training in addition to veterinary school. That means our dog and cat vets have chosen to specialize in performing the surgeries that pets require. 

Our team’s surgical expertise allows us to help dogs, cats, and other pets live their best, healthiest, and longest lives with optimal quality of life in mind. To achieve that, we regularly perform preventative surgical procedures that would be considered proactive as it relates to long-term health. And in situations where the unexpected happens — from illness to injuries — our team is on standby to offer surgical repairs and facilitate recovery for an animal.

As a foundational principle though, we believe in the value of offering low-cost surgeries for cats and dogs, whether it’s a spay or neuter, or surgery to repair or rehabilitate a cat or dog. 

A Day In The Life At Dr. Kelly’s Surgical Unit

To keep the costs associated with pet surgery affordable, we specifically cater to dog and cat owners in need of surgical veterinarian expertise in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. To keep the process simple, we allow pet owners to make appointments online, by email, or over the phone. 

The main difference between Dr. Kelly’s and a general veterinary clinic is that Dr. Kelly’s team of surgical veterinarians does not offer diagnostic care. That means the surgical veterinarians at Dr. Kelly’s rely on a veterinary diagnosis for a condition if one exists, and they move forward with performing the procedure from there.

The most common procedures we perform include spay and neuters, which don’t require any type of diagnosis beforehand, as well as dental procedures, mass removals, vaccinations, microchipping, cherry eye removals, bladder stone removals, and beyond.

We don’t perform procedures for aesthetic purposes, such as tail docking or declawing, but we do perform amputations if they are medically necessary. Before a procedure, we provide pet owners with an estimate, so they have an idea of what a surgery will cost. 

When the procedure is complete, a technician notifies the pet owner when their dog or cat is ready to go home and how to manage post-operative recovery. 

Are you in search of a surgical veterinarian for your dog or cat? Reach out to Dr. Kelly’s team to get an idea of what’s involved and we’ll walk you through what we will need from your veterinarian. 

Dr. Kelly’s Surgical Unit is a trusted veterinary team serving the Phoenix, Peoria, East Mesa, and Tucson metro areas, with accessible locations in each market, offering highly specialized surgery, quality spay and neuter procedures, and accessible dental care for pets. Contact us to learn more about our specialized services or to schedule an appointment.   

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